Wes’ knowledge and experience in biking and fitness targeted every aspect of my conditioning and preparation. Thank you once again, Wes, for all of your support and knowledge in being able to prepare weekend warriors such as myself.
— Chip
It was apparent that Wes was 110% committed to the team and our well-being and performance which allowed four middle-aged guys to not only complete, but excel at a multi-day endurance bicycle race.
— John
Wes shaped me into being able to complete the significant effort required for the Race Across the West. The training plan was intense and all that he had promised.
— Lance
Coach Wes is definitely one of best coaches I have had throughout my whole athletic career (20+ years). I am looking forward to having him coach me again for the 2015 season!
— Nikki
Working with Wes this season has made all the difference for me and I’m proud to wear the NLHH kit!
— Ed
Wes’ comprehensive approach to training; whether it be a weekend ride, a triathlon, an Ironman, or Race Across the West; is about the whole body, the whole person, and achieving your individual fitness goals.
— Keith
Wes was able to provide me with a training plan that not only adequately prepared me, but allowed me to finish feeling strong!
— Leigh
I can see that coach wes has a real passion behind his athletes goals and accomplishments. Finding wes has made my first season of triathlon that much better!
— Macy
The one thing I WILL NOT do without, to get me road or race ready for the year, is the “Cycling and Strength” class by Wes.
— Wendy