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riding in pelotonia, gran fondo new york, or battling the hills of hincapie gran fondo? no matter what event you are preparing for; coach wes has the custom training plan for you!

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2016 RAAM Team: Midwestern Blazing Saddles

2016 RAAM Team: Midwestern Blazing Saddles

One cold, snowy Indiana day in February I accepted an invitation to be part of  a four man team in an 860+ mile bike race with 40,000 feet of climbing from Oceanside (San Diego), California to Durango, Colorado (Race Across the West or RAW) with about four months to train. As a long time cyclist and USCF class III road racer from the mid-eighties, I felt like I was up to the challenge, but had never worked with a coach, had a structured training program, had ever thought about nutrition or had ever really been exposed to any endurance races in the past. At the beginning I was a little skeptical living in Indiana and having Wes located in Columbus, Ohio, but the daily emails from TrainingPeaks website provided a very specialized and individual training plan that was clearly communicated to prepare for the upcoming race. Towards the beginning of the program I made a quick trip over to Columbus to do a Retul fitting and performance test to help me establish training parameters that would be very critical and prove to be very helpful along the road to the race. I had never really been exposed to a zone training program (based on heart rate), but quickly came to appreciate the incredible value of trainer workouts along with a heart rate monitor to provide a very structured method for building the strength, endurance and mental toughness to prepare for the upcoming challenge. One other element Wes brought was the idea of a strong core and the value of having balanced muscle groups to help with overall fitness which in turn contributes to good (and efficient) technique. Wes also taught me a great deal about nutrition, how to provide my body with the fuel it needs to keep performing at a high level and also adopting nutrition that allowed for quick recovery after big workouts.

During final weeks and days before the race Wes was able to taper the workouts successfully and provided some very clear concepts of how to expend energy, consume nutrition and use anatomic boundaries to allow for hours and days of sustained effort while saving some gas in the tank for a strong finish. It was apparent that Wes was 110% committed to the team and our well-being and performance which allowed four middle-aged guys to not only complete, but excel at a multi-day endurance bicycle race that allowed Team RAW Ortho to finish 3rd for four man teams and fourth overall for RAW. A huge thanks to Wes for guiding us through a program and a race that I will never forget and have a great sense of accomplishment for myself and my three other team members.