Max Strength, WOMEN ONLY, 2018

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Max Strength, WOMEN ONLY, 2018


Maximizing Strength Training 2018, Women Only Class

Coach: Wes

Looking to improve your performance for 2019? Needing to bullet proof your body to fight off constant overuse injuries? Simply want to be more optimized as a human? Need a fresh short-term goal to keep you on track during the winter months?  Excellent, this class will do just that! This is the perfect time of year to throw in some new programming and capitalize on the “off” season free time. It is important to note; this class is designed for Women of any athletic level!


What you can expect from this course:

1.      Increased lean muscle and reduced body fat

2.       Functional strength

3.       Increased core & gluteal strength

4.       Decreased muscular imbalances

5.       Increased daily energy

6.       Improved Sport Specific Bio-mechanics

7.       Efficient power producing athletic form and technique

8.       Increased confidence in working outside of your comfort zone

9.       Deadlift induced endorphin rush…. you are going to love lifting heavy weight!

This class will develop you into a strong, well balanced, efficient athletic machine.  Capable of achieving PRs and promoting an injury free race season.  If your goal is simply to be a more optimized human, this class will do that too! You have heard the phrase “it’s all in the details”. That is exactly what this strength training class delivers.


This class will be 60-75 Minutes in duration

The key focus will be the Deadlift.  Building a solid posterior chain and the perfect base for performance & general life achievements.

*NOTE: If you are concerned about getting injured while deadlifting, don’t be! It is 100% safe and I will coach you through the proper form so you get impressive results and come out with a stronger back. If you are concerned with adding too much muscle or bulking up, I can guarantee that will 100% NOT happen:) Lean & Strong will be the ultimate results.

The back half of the class will be accessory work. Utilizing: steel mace, kettlebells, sand bags, med balls, TRX and other strength & conditioning tools.

To insure safety and the highest quality coaching, this class will be limited to 6 Women. 

Recommended equipment: Flat soled shoes (zero drop), towel, hydration, and post workout recovery nutrition. Some athletes have found lifting gloves helpful.

Max Strength will be held at:

SMTF 3687 Park Mill Run Hilliard Ohio 43026

Wednesday 6:30pm

Starting Wednesday Nov 28th and running for 10 weeks.

DATES ARE: 11/28, 12/5, 12, & 19, 1/2, 9, 16, 23 & 30th, 2/6

Price is $250


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