Essential Cycling Intervials


Essential Cycling Intervials


Thank You for your interest in my indoor/outdoor workout cycling book.

* These are specifically written for the Indoor Trainer but can easily be modified to outdoors.  Simply remove the structured warm up and substitute in a 20-40 min warm up ride. Execute the intervals outside.  Finish your ride with as much or as little as you wish!

I have compiled 42 purposeful and entertaining workouts for your Indoor Trainer rides.  These are guaranteed to provide you with the Fitness you will need once outside.  They can also easily be executed outdoors as well.  These are specificall designed to catapult your fitness and keep your rides to the bare minimum.  I Coach with the intention of "No Junk Miles"

Inside this book you will find 6 catagorries.

Base Training with Skills and Fundamental


Muscular Endurance

Cruise Intervals

FTP (Power) Builders 

Group Ride Simulations

I hope you enjoy the workouts included in this book!  I am always grateful for feedback, so please feel free to share your thoughts on the rides with me and everyone else on any of my Social Media Outlets.

*This book is delivered in PDF format to you via email.

Cheers & Rubber Side Down,


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