Cycle X ~ Tuesdays(SMTF); Speed & Force Production with Mobility

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Cycle X ~ Tuesdays(SMTF); Speed & Force Production with Mobility


2019; Session #1....6 rides

Tuesday 1/7 thru 2/12

Time: 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Focus:Speed & Force along with Off Bike Sport Specific Mobility

Loathe indoor cycling on a trainer?!  Not anymore with Cycle X!!!! 

In its 7th season, Cycle X brings Fitness, Fun and High Energy into one class.  Enjoy the benefits of top notch programming in an exciting group setting.  Class is programmed and led by Coach Wes.  

You can not build a great pizza without great crust.  This class (session #1) addresses the foundations of improving power on the bike.  Speed x Force = Power  Dont let the word Foundations fool you....this class delivers a ton of cardio fitness starting day 1

The Group Ride Simulations(session #2) will build speed and address all the different energy systems that get used during the various group ride scenarios out on the open road.

It consists of 60 Minutes on the bike (Bike trainer provided). Followed by 30 Minutes of Sport Specific Mobility & Flexibility.  This class is guaranteed to get you ahead of the 8 ball for the 2019 season! Delivering 2+ hours of fitness in a mere 90 Minute class.

This class will SELL OUT so sign up TODAY!

You will need your bike, trainer skewer, towel, drink, athletic shoes and athletic shirt for Mobility.

*YOU MAY BE ASKED to SUPPLY Your Own Trainer.

*Classes are non refundable, no mix & match or carry overs.

Classes held at Self Made Training Facility

3675 Park Mill Run

Hilliard Oh 43026


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