Personal Training, Columbus & Central Ohio.

Every Athlete needs strength training included in their annual training program.  Just as important, in general we all need to have a fully functional, athletic body.  Whether its sport specific, mowing the lawn or playing with your children...strength training included in your weekly routine will help you exceed your goals ! 

Coach Wes will provide you with the best sport specific personal training to get you to where you need to be.

Areas of Expertise:

Endurance and Multisport



Law Enforcement

Obstacle Course Racing

My specialty is utilizing unconventional training methods and tools.  Generating for you the most well rounded strength training in the least amount of time.  Constantly challenging your body and mind to react to stress and stimuli and then adapt quickly. Results and safety will always be primary.  My favorite tools of the trade are: Kettlebells, Steel Mace, Steel Club, Sand Bag and TRX.

With this variety (and more) of tools at our disposal I can create a unique, customized training plan guaranteed to OPTIMIZE YOU as an Athlete and a Human Being.


individual, Small Group or Online Personal Training

Individual $60-$100 per hour.  

Small Group $30-$70 per athlete per hour. 

Customized pricing for all Online Clients

Email to set up a phone consultation for specific details and pricing structures.

*Off site travel charges may apply