Race Weight & Weight Loss

sustainable, athletic lifestyle weight loss coaching for the Endurance Athlete.

I get it….race weight is difficult to achieve and sometimes harder to maintain.  I love to eat, I could eat all day. Grazing is my largest enemy, nibbling my way through each day starts to add up unwanted and unknown calories day in and day out. A good portion of us (me included) can benefit from losing a few pounds for performance reasons. Whether it is the last 2 pounds to achieve a pro like Power to Kg ratio or a more common goal of losing 10 plus pounds,  this simple system works!


My program is based around the simple word ACCOUNTABILITY.  Most of us know what is good and what is bad for consumption, but often time we make excuses; for not following the basic principles of healthy athletic nutrition.

The programs formula is quite simple:

We start with an initial phone consultation.  Establishing realistic, athletic healthy goals. Generally I like to have athletes undergo a Body Composition Scan using a Bod Pod, but it is not mandatory. These usually run 40$. Bod Pod Scans are a good thorough way to assess total body composition and is beneficial to do every 4 weeks to accurately monitor progress. (for more info on what exactly a BodPod is click here)   Weigh-ins on a home scale will be done every Thursday morning as soon as you awaken.

Athlete; simply provides a daily food journal email directly to me every night.  An easy way to do this is to send a summary from My Fitness Pal.

Coach; replies the next day with helpful tweaks and goals to the previous day’s journal, so you can build upon those on future days.

It is very basic.  The goal here is to produce(no pun intended) small manageable steps towards developing good, healthy, ingrained eating habits.  This is not a nutritional guide or complex system that needs 8-12 months to achieve your goals, and is so rigorous that it would be unreasonable to maintain.  

This is NOT A DIET! It is an Accountability Coaching System.

In just 3-4 months, you the athlete will have a firm grasp on what to and not to eat as well as when to do so.  More importantly you will have  developed a HABIT of eating healthy on a  consistent basis.

It is important to note that I highly recommend the 80/20 rule.  80% clean eating, 20% reasonable cheating. (Dark chocolate, red wine, cake, a burger etc..)

We are building Consistent Habits through Accountability that will last a life time and keep you hovering around your optimal healthy race weight year round. I say hovering because it is not realistic to be at Race Weight for an entire year.  The body and mind do need recovery so it is recommended that a few pounds are gained in the off season. Heck, lets enjoy the Holiday season guilt free…am I right!?

Two fantastic books that will compliment this program that I use and refer to on a weekly basis are

Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance


The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes

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