Ep 36: IM Rule Changes, Listener Question Follow-up, Interview with Jason Hurst of Joint Implant Surgeons

In this episode we hear some answers to some follow up questions concerning pre race nutrition, we chat about some changes to the Ironman rule book and have some discussion about the controversy that it's already stirring up.  Finally we hear from Dr Jason Hurst of Joint Implant Surgeons, a great interview that got cut a little short due to some technical difficulties.  Hopefully we can have Dr. Hurst on again in the future to remedy this issue but in the meantime, follow the links below to learn more about some amazing people and the fantastic charitable organizations that they contribute to.


Ep 30: Chit Chat, Follow up, Dead Lift, and a Listener Question

In this episode we chat about over heating when running in the winter.  Dead lifts, the accessories, and their reasons.  Follow up from last weeks topic of how endurance spots has changed your personal life.  We answer a listener question about training with a baker cyst, from a purely non professional, non medical point of view.  And we prime the pump for next week talking about how to pull the reigns and know when enough is enough... this is base season after all.