Ep 35: Burn The Ship Recap, Rider Etiquette and Safety

In this episode we have a special guest join us, Grant the "willing" participant in Wes' Burn The Ship experiment.  We chat with Grant and Wes getting a dual perspective on how the first of what sounds like many Burn the Ship sessions.  We also get into rider etiquette and safety.  As the weather starts to break, we can all use a reminder.

Ep 30: Chit Chat, Follow up, Dead Lift, and a Listener Question

In this episode we chat about over heating when running in the winter.  Dead lifts, the accessories, and their reasons.  Follow up from last weeks topic of how endurance spots has changed your personal life.  We answer a listener question about training with a baker cyst, from a purely non professional, non medical point of view.  And we prime the pump for next week talking about how to pull the reigns and know when enough is enough... this is base season after all.

Ep 20: Gravel Bikes, Life/Sport Balance Tips, Maintenance, Integrity & Respect, Consistency, and a bit more

In this episode we give some specific tips on how we all balance our lives with triathlon and keep you and your significant other in good graces.  Rocco gives us his insight in to his gravel bike purchase.  Rylon gives a bit of hunting knowledge.  We hear a bit about Rocco's nasty sweaty workout bag and Wes' soft hands....