Ep 30: Chit Chat, Follow up, Dead Lift, and a Listener Question

In this episode we chat about over heating when running in the winter.  Dead lifts, the accessories, and their reasons.  Follow up from last weeks topic of how endurance spots has changed your personal life.  We answer a listener question about training with a baker cyst, from a purely non professional, non medical point of view.  And we prime the pump for next week talking about how to pull the reigns and know when enough is enough... this is base season after all.

Ep 26: Winter Motivation, How Cold is Too Cold, RAAM Part 2, Trainer Entertainment

In this episode we answer a few questions about how we all keep motivated during the winter months, how cold is too cold for a run, and how we layer up to keep warm.  Rocco an Wes both fill us in on the last portion of their RAAM experience.  We also talk about what we do to stay in the zone and entertained while on the trainer.

Ep 25: Running Cadence, Race Across America Part 1, Christmas wishes and Ballet. .

In this episode we talk about bit run cadence, turn over, stride length and some other running specific topics.  Wes and Rocco reminisce about RAAM in the first part of our our hopefully continuing talks about big and fun races we have been involved with.  We chat a bit about what we' hope to find under the tree come Christmas morning!

Ep 21: Hoka/Altra Running Shoes, Staying on Task, Teased Stories Revealed, and a Bit Off the Rails!

In this episode we chat about Hoka/Altra maximal type running shoes.  We hear all about Rocco's escapades that resulted in a disgusting messenger bag.  Wes boasts about his soft and supple hands, we'll get those secrets soon, I know you're eager to hear.  Once we get back on track we talk about staying on task in the off season, what we do to help stay the course and provide some tips to you.