Ep 24: Balancing Strength Gains with Endurance, Mentally Recovering from Physical Injuries, Dealing with Negative People, and Some Odd's and Ends

In this episode we discuss balancing strength and the possibility of gaining mass with being an endurance athlete.  We chat about how we deal with negative people in our lives, and what we try to do be positive.  Rocco gives us a brief insight into how he recovered from a concussion, and handled the mental issues associated with a long term injury.

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Ep 20: Gravel Bikes, Life/Sport Balance Tips, Maintenance, Integrity & Respect, Consistency, and a bit more

In this episode we give some specific tips on how we all balance our lives with triathlon and keep you and your significant other in good graces.  Rocco gives us his insight in to his gravel bike purchase.  Rylon gives a bit of hunting knowledge.  We hear a bit about Rocco's nasty sweaty workout bag and Wes' soft hands....