Ep 37: Chit Chat, Aero Mounted Water Bottles, and Group Training Discussion

In today's episode we hear a bit of follow up from Rocco and Wes about some previous conversations.  Rylon brings up the topic of balancing bicycle wheels, click here for a YouTube video on the topic.  Rylon asks Rocco and Wes about how they plan long rides that go into new territory. We discuss Damas' question about aero water bottles and then we discuss the multitude of aspects to consider when training in a group.

Ep 36: IM Rule Changes, Listener Question Follow-up, Interview with Jason Hurst of Joint Implant Surgeons

In this episode we hear some answers to some follow up questions concerning pre race nutrition, we chat about some changes to the Ironman rule book and have some discussion about the controversy that it's already stirring up.  Finally we hear from Dr Jason Hurst of Joint Implant Surgeons, a great interview that got cut a little short due to some technical difficulties.  Hopefully we can have Dr. Hurst on again in the future to remedy this issue but in the meantime, follow the links below to learn more about some amazing people and the fantastic charitable organizations that they contribute to.








Ep 35: Burn The Ship Recap, Rider Etiquette and Safety

In this episode we have a special guest join us, Grant the "willing" participant in Wes' Burn The Ship experiment.  We chat with Grant and Wes getting a dual perspective on how the first of what sounds like many Burn the Ship sessions.  We also get into rider etiquette and safety.  As the weather starts to break, we can all use a reminder.

Ep 34: Chit Chat, Listener Questions, Teasers, and No Rocco :(

In this episode we touch on the ongoing debate on disc breaks.  We get a teaser on the Burn the Ship experiment and how Coach Wes enjoyed it.  We get an update on Wes' dad and some hurdles he's having to overcome in his training.  Rylon gives his first impressions on Trainer Road and we answer two listener questions.

Ep 33: Chit Chat Catch up, Burn the Ship Update and Knowing Your Body

In this episode we talk about wearing socks with swim fins, some arm and knee warmer discussion.  Disc brake updates coming to the pro peloton, and a bit about electronic groupsets.  Coach Wes gives up and update on  his shake up plan of "Burning the Ship" and how much he's liking the results so far, stay tuned for more on that .  We also chat about knowing your body, which is quite interesting.

Ep 32: Chit Chat, Star Wars, Foot Issues, Nutrition Tips

In this episode we geek out a little and chat a bit about Star Wars Rouge One.  Rylon brings up foot maintenance, looking for a possible solution to his foot callus problems which lead to a brief discussion about socks.  We then moved on to a quick barrage of fitness tips and tricks, some discussion about your why.