Ep 60: Rapha, Bike Demos, Ironman Image, Training While Sick, Cadence!

In this episode we talk about Rapha being bought by the grandsons of Sam Walton, and what we hope comes of the somewhat odd merger.  The two Walton's also acquired Guru when it went bankrupt and that has become Allied Cycle Works. We hear about Rocco's time at the Pivot Cycles demo, and how much fun he had.  We circle around to a past topic about the issues surrounding host cities and Ironman events, and chat a bit about how we as athletes and cyclists can help contribute to the community and help promote a better image.  We also give some listener feedback about training through sickness, and utilizing  IV Bars if available.  Finally we talk about the cadence portion of the power equation, why it's so important, and how you can make strides to increase your cadence.

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