Ep 91: Train Like Your Race, Blackfork Gravel Ginder and Andrew Starykowicz is a Bad Ass

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In today's episode we talk about training in four triathlon kit, including Rocco's pick for triathlon bib's (Desoto Rivera FLI Bib) We move on to discuss Rocco and Wes' time at the Blackfork Gravel Grinder they both had an awesome time at the event and came away with lots of information to help them with the Dirty Kanza 200 race coming up.  We spoke briefly about HRV and the KickStarter for the CorSense, might be worth checking out if you'd like to take a look at  HRV as a training metric.  If you'd like to learn more, go check out our episode with Renee Harrington where we talk more about the topic. We move on to talk about how experince tells you when to make a move in a race, and the amazing story of Andrew Starykowicz and his come back to break an IM world bike record after being drug behind a truck!  Also go follow Minhymee on Instagram, a total badass doing IM TX on a fat bike shredded to the max!

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