Ep 86: Nutrition and HRV with Renee Harrington

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In this episode we're excited to have return guest Renee Harrington, senior master trainer with Yoga Fit (Facebook Link), lecturer for the Health and Exercise Science Department at NC State, and Team USA Duathlete.  She breaks down a ton of stuff around nutrition, weight loss, and some basic science around weight loss and getting the most out of your training.  A listener posed the question centering around diet and training and some struggles he was having and mentioned a VOX article and video that the three of us address and hopefully give you all some things to think about.  I've added several links to complex topics that may have peaked your interest!  Enjoy going down the rabbit hole!

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Harris Benedict Equation

Katch-McArdle Equation



Central Fatigue Hypothesis

Amino Vital

Cumulative Trauma (Injury) Disorder

Elite HRV and HRV Plus

Oura Ring

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