Ep 65: Chit Chat, Keto and Snacks, Aerodynamic Positioning, Home Gym and Trainer Setups

In this episode we talk about how our weekends went, with the unseasonably hot weather in Ohio.   We discuss a new to us almond butter packet Noosh, which quickly transisionted into talking with Rocco about his adventures with the keto diet.  He's been using Ucan on some rides in addition to the almond butter and has recently been playing around with Keto Drive.  A recommendation from Wes for a keto friendly sweet snack, the Quest Bar Peanut Butter Cups.  Rocco and Wes are also a big fan of the Feed Zone Portables cookbook.

We move on to talk about aerodynamic positions on the bike, and how the little things that you may not consider to be a big deal, do in fact add up.  Great article on Bike Radar on the topic which gives great information and real testing to back up the claims.

Finally we discussed our indoor trainer setups, as trainer season is quickly approaching!  Our reccomendations in the fan department are the Lasko 20 inch floor fan or the Vornado

The fine folks over at Infinit have been kind enough to throw our listeners a discount, use discount code NLHH2017 at checkout.  Let us know what your ordered, and how much you love it!

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