Ep 48: Halo Top Ice Cream, Race Recap, and The Decline of Triathlon?

In this episode we chat about our favorite flavors of Halo Top ice cream, and how wearing your hipster gear will make "craft" ice cream, like Jeni's taste better.  We recap our race's from the past weekend, and we'll follow up next week with how we adjust our gear for long rides and would love some input and/or questions.  Is triathlon in decline?  We talk about a few of the potential pitfalls of the sport and put a pin in some future topics.  Let us know your input, we'd love to hear your recommendations and hopes for the future of the sport.

The fine folks over at Infinit have been kind enough to throw our listeners a discount, use discount code NLHH2017 at checkout.  Let us know what your ordered, and how much you love it!