Ep 47: Cycle Camp Follow Up, Crazy Bike Crashes, Social Media in Endurance Sports, Consistency Talk

In this episode we hear about the cycle camp follow up from the team.  We talk about some of the crazy gnarly crashes taking place in professional cycling lately, see the links below.  Rocco asks about fidget spinners, which of course degrades into mindless banter.  We discuss the impact of social media on endurance sports and training, both the good and the bad. Finally Coach Wes gives a follow up to the last small doses and give a few quick workouts to help get you back to a consistent workout routine.

Tour of California Crash

Tour of Yorkshire Crash

Giro Police Moto Crash

Swim Workout:

Quick and Focus on SPOT ON FORM
30 Minutes: 300 WU Free
Remainder of Time

200 Free with last 50 Fast :25
200 Pull Bouy and Paddles, Finish Strong...Throw water behind you :25



Muscular Endurance with Vo2Max Finisher...90 Min

20 Min WU
2 x 12 Min at 85% or Low Z4 w/3 Min Rec
10 Min Easy
5 x 2 Min Vo2Max w/ 2 Min Recover
10 Min CD


Fartlek 50 Minutes

Plug in your Music, every song run first minute at tempo, rest is Z2