Ep 15: Ironman Kona, Disqualification, New Bikes, Life balance, and Lifting HEAVY!

In this episode we chat about the new Cervelo PX5 in all of it's glory.  With Kona on the horizon we chat about the race, Wes' favorite (Andy Pots), and the awesome Instagram channel (Ironman Tri)  We also breifly discuss Matt Smith's disqualification drama. Wes gives up his favorite running spot, Chestnut Ridge Meto Park.  We discuss how sustainable aero is the best kind of aero, and some tips about how to improve.  We finish up with Rylon looking for your tips and tricks on finding balance between racing/training/family and Wes talks about lifting HEAVY!

Tony Horton Yoga

Kettle Bell Swings NLHH YouTube How to

Kettl Bell Workout:

10 sets of 10 reps with a 24kg/50lb kettle bell with 50% perceived effort recovery between each set.  

Throw in some accessory work, either with an instability work out aid (Bosu/Swiss ball) or by standing on one foot while performing daily tasks.  Guaranteed results in 12 weeks!


October Squat Challenge Rules:

The contest is still going... get your photos in!!
1. Follow us on IG
2. Take a picture of yourself holding a squat somewhere COOL! or make it unique somehow.
3. on IG....TAG @wes_nolimitshammerharder, #NLHHSquat, TAG 2 friends to join the contest

We will pick the coolest picture Nov 1st and it will announced on the podcast on Nov 3rd

You win a SWEET NLHH Pint Glass that makes beer taste even better and you race FASTER...its science!