Ep 16: Speed Workout, Race Result Evaluation, Chiropractors, Bourbon Chase, and some more odds and ends

In this episode we chat about Wes's lead up to Bourbon Chase and how taper can be the worst!  We discuss different chiropractic techniques and Wes gives a few recommendations for people local Columbus area.  Rylon brings up analyzing your race results, and Wes gives some input on how to talk with your coach or decide for yourself what your next goals should be.  Wes gives us a killer speed workout to hit up before the weather breaks.  Rylon and Wes both give their last word's and of course we would love to hear your feedback and questions!

Chiropractic Recommendations:

Alexander Chiropractic....Kyle
Dr Ulm
Brittani Young

Chiropractic Techniques:


DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization)


Speed Workout:

Form & Speed Under Fatigue

200s....6, 8, 10...etc...

2KBs Light to moderate weight

200m, 1: Swing to Clean to Press, finish with 1 Renegade Row per side, Recover :xx (30-90)
200m Number 2: 2 Swings, 2 Cleans, 2 Press finish with 2 Ren. Row per side

Works: Speed, Hips, Shoulders, Quads and Rem Row is SUPER
***RR: Rotational Core...simulates climbing a Bike