Ready to compete in an amazingly fun deadlift competition, in a state of the art facility with awesome people? What are you waiting for? Get your name on the list before space runs out!

Registration with the swag bag goodies ends on June 14th so get in now!

If you register from June 15th to the 21st you can still compete, you just won’t get a swag bag. We’ll send the extra money to MVRC

Operation Freedom Lift Registration
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Want to help out the amazing cause that is MVRC but can’t make it to the competition? Click here to make a donation directly to them.

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Event Details:

Saturday June 29th (Registration closes Saturday June 8th)

Warm Up Opens at 9am

Competition Opens at 10am



Male: Under 40, Over 40

Female: Under 40, Over 40

Strongest Team = Add up top 3 members Scores

Armed Forces Team: Army, Navy, AF, USMC…..1 winner = Add up top 3 members Scores

TOTAL = 6 Awards

Awards for Individual Category winner

Wall Plaque for Team & Armed Service Division Winners

Entry Fee:

$75 with $25 guaranteed to go to MVRC, a local charity helping vets.

The event will be limited to the 100 registered participants


Deadlift: 5 Lifts, we add together Lifters TOP 3 Lifts for a Grand Total

Erg 100m Sprint: Bonus 10lbs added to total weight for

*Men: 10th of a second under :20 seconds

*Women: 10th of a second under :28 seconds


40-49 = Top 3 Lifts x 1.10

50-59 = Top 3 Lifts x 1.15

60+ = Top 3 Lifts x 1.2

For example, a 52 year old competitor locks out 200, 205, 207, 210, 213 that makes their “score” 724.5

(207+210+213) x 1.15 = 724.5


Operation and Lift Specifics:

Straight or Trap Bar are both available and wrist wraps and gloves are allowed. Please specify the bar you’d like to use for you lift when registering.

Each lifter will be placed in a group of 5 to allow ample cool down time between lifts. Groups are organized based on opening lift weight.

Groups will stay together for both the deadlift and Ski Erg portions of the competition.

Warm up areas will be provided and clearly marked, and lifts will happen on both platforms.


Swag and Sponsors:

Every competitor that enters will go home with a awesome logo’d event t-shirt as well as a competition medal and an awesome swag bag full of goodies from the sponsors below