trail run

Treadmill Tuesday Workout...Trail Run Simulation

This weeks dose of the Treadmill is dedicated to Trail Running. Yeah, I know, trail runners don't run on treadmills!!! However, all of us fair weather trail runners or urban dwellers need to do what we can until the Trail Race Day arrives.

Cheers and Happy Suffering, Wes

10-12 Min WU
Main Set X 3

2 Min at 2% Incline 10K pace
1 Min at 4% Incline 10K pace
1 Min at 7% Incline Fast/Power Walk
3 Min at 2% Incline 10K Pace
3 Min EZ Jog/Walk 1%
5-10 Min CD with last 2 Minutes Walking

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Cheers and Have great weekend, WES

F&#@ You Friday! Workout #1

Its Friday and its time to get Rowdy with our Fitness.

Try this Run/Strength combo on for size today or this weekend!

FYF x 6 Rounds (10kg-16kg KB)

2 Mile Run at Tempo (even better if its a hilly trail)

Kettlebell Push Ups x 20

Kettlebell Front Raise x 20

Kettlebell Bent Over Row x 20

Kettlebell Halo x 20

Kettlebell Sit Ups x 20

Repeat: Keep the pace up and use Round #1 as your bench mark time.

Cheers, WES