strength training for triathlon

Lunge your way to Faster Bike & Run splits.

Lunge your way to Faster Bike & Run splits.

Lunge your way to FASTER Bike & Run splits!

'the' F$#@ You Friday workout

'the' F$#@ You Friday workout

Will & Determination are the only 2 things that can get you through this workout......

'The' F$#@ Friday Workout

'The' F$#@ Friday Workout

Todays #FYF is Deadlift Heavy, I know....youre welcome!

How to do a Landmine Squat

Landmine Squat tutoriol


The Kettlebell Deadlift; 3 variations

How to do a Kettlebell Deadlift The kettlebell deadlift. A great way to get the benefits of posterior chain work with out needing a large weight load. The design of the kettlebell also allows for a more center oriented weight location. Reducing the risk of lower back injury.

'The" F$#@ You Friday Workout

'The" F$#@ You Friday Workout

Warm weather means outdoor workouts & training.  Today's #FYF is a solid Metabolic Conditioning workout......

'The' F$#@ You Friday Workout

'The' F$#@ You Friday Workout

Grab a Heavy Kettlebell and.......

Dead Lifting for the Endurance Sport Athlete

Dead Lifting for the Endurance Sport Athlete

Swim, Bike & Run FASTER and with more efficiency......I present the DEADLIFT!

F$#@ You Friday, Workout #11....#FYF

I hope by now you are stoked for Fridays, simply because of these workouts!  Today's routine is a nice smooth flow where all the moves look like one singular move.  Each should be deliberate & executed with perfect form. Sounds and looks easy....don't be fooled, eat your Wheaties for this one.

Enough of the appetizer, lets serve up the Entree.....

Warm Up:

10 Min Light Cardio


FYF Main Set:   Kettle Bell  20 Minute EMOM

This is a Smooth Flow Sequence

KB Push

KB Dead Clean to

KB Squat to

KB Single Arm Shoulder Press (1 each side) to 

KB Swing x 5



CD is light Cardio and Stretch


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Cheers and Have great weekend, WES

F$#@ You Friday, Workout #9

It's the last day of the work week, time to send it home with a Bang and a Big ole' Middle Finger. Lets fire it up 110% and knock this out of the park!

Cheers, Wes

Warm Up 10 Minutes Light Cardio and Dynamic Stretching


Main Set x 5 Rounds (advanced) or 3-4 Rounds (Intermediate)

Off Set Push Ups x 10/10

KB Goblet Cossack Squat x 10/10

KB with Resis. Band Upright Row x 20

Assault Bike 2 Minutes

Plank (On Elbows) :60 sec


Note: Use a sense of urgency but perform at a pace that each movement is executed with perfect form.


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F$#@ You Friday! Workout #4

TGIF-YF, it's time to earn that weekend!

We are keeping it simple today....brutally simple. You will need a pair of Kettlebells or Dumbbells and a Row Machine.

Row for 10 Calories

Thrusters x 21

Row for 20 Calories

Thrusters x 15

Row for 30 Calories

Thrusters x 9

Row for 40 Calories

Thrusters x 6

Row for 50 Calories

Thrusters x 3


This a "For Time" workout. You should be Redlining the entire time. Digging deep to see what you really have?!

 Do this along with a training partner or two, to get those competitive juices flowing!!

Cheers, Wes