Lunge your way to Faster Bike & Run splits.

Lunge your way to Faster Bike & Run splits.

Lunge your way to FASTER Bike & Run splits!

F$#@ You Friday Workout #12

Not sure if I can fit a Row Machine into a stocking for you. Best I can do is drop the #FYF here on the Blog for you....Enjoy! Row Machine and a Sandbag(SB) is all you need. The heart of a Spartan would help too!

Warm Up with some light cardio for 10 Minutes and throw in some dynamic stretching


25 Minutes (get it...25!):

Row 2 Minutes....Heavy, Slow & Steady

Alternating Swinging SB reverse lunges 5/5....bag swings on the side of the "up" leg

SB Upright Rows x 10

SB Burpee x 5

Plank for a 30 Count


Cool down with some stretching

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Cheers and Have great weekend, WES




F&#@ You Friday! Workout #2

It's the End-O-The-Week!  Time to bring the Heat...100% with #FYF!

You will need a set of Stairs, preferably on a Dam.  For those of you who are here in Columbus Alum and Hoover work perfectly.

2 Options:

1. Do this solo and use the rep counts prescribed

2. Do this with a partner. Reps are dictated by how long it takes your partner to go Up then back Down the stairs.  Misery loves company!


FYF x 8 Sets:

Sprint up stairs, Jog back down

1. Push Ups x 25

2. Body Weight Squats x 25

3. Walk Out Planks x 25

4. Forward Lunges x 12/12

5. Plank Chest Taps x 100

6. Butterfly Sit Ups x 25

7. Side Plank with Hip Dips

8. Side Plank with Hip Dips (other side)