half marathon training

Run Faster, 5 Easy Tips

Everyone wants to run faster and more efficiently, that’s a given.  The question is How?

While the following can be focused on anytime of the year, “off” season does offer us the opportunity to address these hot points consistently due to low scheduled workout volume.  Or simply put, we have more time!

There are numerous pointers you can work on, I have compiled 5 that I find particularly user friendly and successful at increasing your running speed.

1.       Whether you are a Fore Foot, Mid Foot or Heal striker you should still be looking to land with your lead foot directly under your Hip and not in front of you.

2.       Stride turn over should be approx. 180 foot strikes per minute. Think running quietly and springy.

3.       Stride length; with the trailing foot. So work on Hip Mobility and Hip Flexor Flexibility.

4.       Core: Planks, Side Planks, Swiss Ball Single Leg Hip Extensions and Russian Twists

5.       Body Weight.  Each pound lost translates to approximately 2 seconds per mile faster. Lose Fat though, not muscle! During low volume/intensity periods you may want to consider keeping your daily carbohydrate intake to 100g.

These are just a few avenues to explore in getting your run splits down for the upcoming season.

Cheers, Wes