Cycling Interval Tuesday; Crit Hills

Cycling Interval Tuesday; Crit Hills

Build massive Force with these unique Hill repeats....

Cycling Interval Tuesday; Force builders

Cycling Interval Tuesday; Force builders

Today's Cycling workout revolves around the Power = Force x Cadence equation.  Focusing primarily on increasing our ability to produce FORCE...

Cycling Interval Tuesday; Match Burners

Cycling Interval Tuesday; Match Burners

One of the key elements to a successful triathlon is coming off the bike fresh enough to actually "Race" the run portion.  One way to achieve this is to race the bike leg extremely consistently as far as energy output is concerned, or "riding a tight line" on you watts......

Interval Tuesday Cycling Workout

Tuesday Intervals, a great way to get primed and ready for Thursday Group Ride.  Cheers and Enjoy the Ride tonight!

WU 25 Min
8 Min at 91-95%% FTP (Zone 4)/ 4 Min REC…..X2
10 Min REC
7 Min at Threshold/ 3 Min REC…..X2
10 Min REC
2 Min at 120% FTP (Top of Vo2Max)/2 Min REC.....X5
5 Min REC

Cadence should be above 85 for all the intervals. Heart Rate riders, remember it will take a few minutes for the HR to reach the zone you are looking for.  Try not to over ride the first few minutes to get the HR up.  Use a nice steady effort to get it to climb up into Zone 4.  Power based athletes, you too can ease into the Percentages over the course of the first minute or two.

Reading this workout and are unsure of Heart Rate Zones or what Power is?  Not a problem, just shoot me an email at

*NOTE* If you are local to Columbus Ohio, we meet at the COTA Park n Ride at 6pm for Intervals.  New Albany, intersection of Beech and Old 161.  Come out and join us!!  All paces are welcome!

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Cheers and Have great weekend, WES

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F$#@ You Friday, Workout #11....#FYF

I hope by now you are stoked for Fridays, simply because of these workouts!  Today's routine is a nice smooth flow where all the moves look like one singular move.  Each should be deliberate & executed with perfect form. Sounds and looks easy....don't be fooled, eat your Wheaties for this one.

Enough of the appetizer, lets serve up the Entree.....

Warm Up:

10 Min Light Cardio


FYF Main Set:   Kettle Bell  20 Minute EMOM

This is a Smooth Flow Sequence

KB Push

KB Dead Clean to

KB Squat to

KB Single Arm Shoulder Press (1 each side) to 

KB Swing x 5



CD is light Cardio and Stretch


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Cheers and Have great weekend, WES

Cyclo-Cross Workout 10/3/2016

Cool temps are here which means only 1 thing.......its CX or Cyclo-Cross season! 

Time to get muddy, legs pumping and of course LUNGS BURNING, its why we love cyclocross after all!!

Here is a short and sweet CX workout to help with the sudden surges and bursts of CX. Designed for outdoors but also works well as an indoor trainer ride.  If CX is not your thing, this is a great Threshold/Sprint workout that every cyclist can benefit from!

Cheers, Wes


20-30 Min Warm Up
8 Min TEMPO or 75-85%FTP....building from low to high in this zone
CX Set......................X5
3 Min Threshold
:30 Standing Sprint
2:30 REC
10 Min CD


If you are doing this on an indoor trainer then use this Warm Up:

6 Min WU
:30 Spin ups/:60 REC...X6
5 Min WU, build to upper Z2 or 75% FTP