Can not Swim, Bike or Run due to hectic travel plans?!

I'll paint the picture.  You are on a quick business trip to a city that you dont know. You can not swim due to time and the closest pool is 20 minutes away by car.  You can not run due to the urban area, consisting of short blocks filled with too much traffic.  It would just end up being a stop and go run. You can not bike, would have been a pain in the whazoo to pack a bike, helmet, etc.  What to do for a solid, sport specific training session you ask.  

Well, you could jump on a treadmill...see below; the 30 plus treadmill workouts listed here on the blog.  OR, we can have some fun and get Cycling/Run fitness at the same time. Additionally, this workout puts a little spice back into your training....taking a slight step out of your comfort zone.

You will need a Stairmaster or a Row Machine (concept 2)...SM or RM. A set of Dumbbells and optional; a Resistance Band. Most gyms, even small ones will have these pieces of equipment.

*the stairmaster & row machine build hip extension strength which translates to both cycling & running.  Very similar to the benfits of doing hill repeats. 

The Workout:

SM/RM 8 Min to warm up


Main Set x 7:

SM/RM moderate 3 Minutes

Dumbbell Renegade Rows x 10/10

Supermans x 10

Donkey Kicks x 10/10

There you have it. Simple and super effective.  Depending on what time of the season you are at and what type of race you are training for you can adjust the SM/RM effort from Comfortable all the way up to Threshold(Really Hard)

Enjoy the workout and Cheers, Wes

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Cheers and Have great weekend, WES