Let's put some Snap into those Cycling Legs

I love this workout. It is super versatile and can easily be used as an actual 'hard' workout with a few adjustments. However, it's main intention is to provide a moderate workout yet still force your legs into getting some blood flowing and muscles firing hard at times. I program this workout usually during a Race week to keep the athletes legs fresh but not over tax them.  I also like to use this workout to prep an athletes legs for what is to come in a few days.  For example at the end of a recovery week, prepping for the following weeks heavy workouts, but still letting the legs finish recovery.

I guess we could actually call this a "Bridge Workout". Depending on the situation you can also cut back on the interval duration if your legs are too fatigued to handle this exact workout.  I recommend you you still keep the interval ratios the same though. Enjoy!

20-30 Minutes Warm Up

10 Min at 80% (tempo, zone 3)

5 Min Recover

8 Min at 90% (sub threshold, zone 4)

4 Min Recover

6 Min at FTP (threshold, LTHR)

10-30 Minutes Comfortable to Recovery effort

*Intervals should be at 85+ rpm


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