The ultimate "In Season" Strength Routine

Let me set the scene.  It is dead center of your triathlon or cycling season.  You are being hit hard with both Volume & Intensity 5 to 6 days a week. Not only are you stretched thin on time but the though of adding in some strength worries you. Let me guess, you don't want to sacrifice a run or bike workout due to soreness from lifting weights and adding more fatigue to your already broken down body.

100% understandable and 100% factual.  What I have laid out below is a great TRX workout that only uses body weight. It hits every primal movement & core.  There are zero junk reps, or reps for the sake of saying you did a lot of reps.  This routine is strictly Strength maintenance and maybe a pinch of strength gains.  The primary focus is to have the strength to fight off injury during the season. And keep muscular recruitment balance through out the season.  Both of these will keep you racing longer and stronger.

In an effort to keep this article short(ish) & sweet I will attach 3 videos for the first 3 exercises. The remaining exercises will have links to their video instructions on my YouTube Channel.

3 sets:


Pistol Squats x 6/6

High Rows x 12

Reverse Lunges (toe in strap) x 6/6

Atomic Push Up x 12

Hip Dips x 6/6

Reach Backs x 6/6

Roll Outs x 12


TRX Pistol Squat; Strength Training for Triathletes & Cyclists _________ This move offers the Best of a lot of worlds. The Pistol is fantastic for the Bike but a Game Changer for the Run. In particular......Injury Prevention _________ It Targets (to name a few) *Quads *Hamstrings *Glutes * Mobility *Knee & Hip Range of Motion *Proprioception _________ Fending off Muscle Imbalances while Creating Force generating muscles.
The TRX High Row. We start by executing the Athletic posture (see video on this account page). Grab the handles with your palms face down. Take a step or two in towards the anchor to create a steep vector to the ground.
The TRX Reverse Lunge. Place your fore foot inside the strap. Once you regain your balance hop a few steps away from the anchor point. This will ensure that when we lunge our knee will not track out past our toe. To maintain balance, refer to the Athletic posture video on this page.

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