Bike & Run Faster with Stairs Training

Running stairs is often used and thought about as it relates to conditioning. BUT it is a great tool to improve both running and/or cycling. Building superb leg strength and hip extension. You will see benefits in Force production on the bike and Propulsion improvement on the run. By utilizing the different approaches to getting up the stairs we can also tackle different muscle recruitments and address the stabilizer muscles. For a little added bonus, running stairs also hits the upper body. So let's get after it & get to the workout.

I prefer a Dam, but a Stadium will do just fine. Total time 40-60 Minutes

Run up stairs one step at a time

Jog down

Plank :60

Run up stairs two steps at a time

Jog down

Right Plank :60

Walk ramp next to stairs (or the stairs) backwards

Jog down

Left Plank :60

Plyo jump Squat up stairs

Jog Down

Push Ups X 10

2-5 Minutes Recovery

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