The most versatile Fartlek Run in the WORLD!

I know its a BOLD statement, but it's the TRUTH!

FARTLEK: which means "speed play" in Swedish, is a training method that blends continuous training with interval training. 

This Fartlek run can easily be incorporated and used during:


Introducing beginners to speed work


Recovery/Post race

Race week maintenance

10 Min Warm Up


The overall theme is a Z2 Run with small sections of fast, not sprints, intervals.


Pick a landmark approx 100m to 400m away and run to it at approx 5K pace (hard, but manageable).  Drop your pace back down to Z2. Once fully recovered and back in Z2 look for another target. This is a loose Fartlek so get plenty of Z2 work between intervals.


End it with 8 minutes(ish) of comfortable recovery running

*Landmark can be a Fire Hydrant, Driveway, Tree, Mailbox, etc.  


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