Pro Tips: Break through plateaus, Brick runs & Mobility

The Season is in full swing, which means you are busy training so I’ll make this quick.

Here are a few Pro Tips to make your season run a bit smoother:

So you found yourself on a plateau for Running, Cycling or Both? Add in some Hill repeats for either or both disciplines. Hill repeats are a sure-fire bet to increase raw strength, economy and muscular endurance, they also offer a nice shock to the system helping you get back on the upward track.

For a killer Hill repeat Workout on the Bike CLICK HERE

Still not feeling comfortable getting into a groove with your run off the bike.  Practice makes perfect when it comes to brick runs. Conditioning your legs to adjust and adapt quickly to the different workloads and muscle recruitment takes some time.  If you are short on time and just want to getsome high quality fitness without the frills.

Here is a Brick Workout just for You.  Not only will this dial in the brick transition, because it is executed on a trainer you get zero junk miles.  This is 100% pure race specific fitness.

This should be done on a Trainer, best if set up in garage to make transition to runs quicker

Bike 10 Min WU
Main Set X4:
1 Min EZ Spin Bike
12 Min Just above Race Pace
Run 6 Min at Race Pace


After months of logging in mileage. After months of riding/driving a car. After months of sitting at a desk. Your Hip Flexors are TIGHT! Having the ability to extend your hips is important for biking but critical in run performance. Now, I know…. everyone is super busy.  Trust me when I say you will be doing your body and its ability to perform on race day a lot of good by incorporating this stretch into your weekly routine.  Who doesn’t want faster run splits?!

A simple Hip Flexor Stretch

  1. Assume a kneeling lunge position

  2. Place your front leg far enough forward that you can lean forward.

  3. Lean to the point that your hip is past your knee. Do not let your 'up' legs knee track past your toes

  4. Straighten your posture as much as possible, proud chest

  5. Pro Tip: you probably have a nice arch in your lower back at this point.  We want to remove that. Simply contract your glutes and let your hips rotate slight under you. The arch will neutralize and you should feel a significant stretch in the quad and hip flexor

  6. At this point you can raise the arm of the down leg making the stretch more robust. You can add in rotating 180 degrees back & forth like you are a chicken on a spit.  Move around and get stretches going from all sorts of angles.

  7. 2-3 Minutes on each side

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Your attention is always appreciated, Thank you very much!

Cheers, Wes

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