Cycling Interval Tuesday, Hill Repeats

Nothing builds leg strength like Hill Repeats.  I am also a believer the watts/kg ratio is not always the deciding factor of who gets up a hill climb first.  To be good at climbing hills, you have to climb a lot of hills.  Here we go!

30 Min Warm Up

Hill Repeat X 10:

You will need a Hill approx .5 to.75 mile in length
Approx 5-8%
Do these repeats seated if possible:
(53 or the BIG chain ring up front)
Hill #1 use 53/ 25(or easiest/biggest cog in back)
#2 use 53/23 (one cog harder)
#3 use 53/ 21(one cog harder)
continue repeats down entire cassette
Coast down hill for recovery and add an additional :60 rec at bottom of hill before next attack

30 Min Cool Down

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Cheers and Have great weekend, WES