Cycling Interval Tuesday; Match Burners

One of the key elements to a successful triathlon is coming off the bike fresh enough to actually "Race" the run portion.  One way to achieve this is to race the bike leg extremely consistently as far as energy output is concerned, or "riding a tight line" on you watts. 

This means as close to zero as possible Big Surges or accelerations!

However, lets get real, these will happen.  So, at best all we can do is to minimize how many times we "Burn a Match" and how severe each burnt match is. The following workout is designed to condition the body under such circumstances.  A few examples of these situations are: short but punchy hill, tired of playing leap frog with another racer and risking a drafting penalty, battling another age grouper and seeing a window of opportunity that requires a big surge.  your get the point, so lets get to refining our Match Burning fitness.  This particular set is designed for 70.3 racing but can be used for anyone looking to up their game.

NOTE: This workout is great for Time Trialists, Road/Crit, CX and Mountain.  All of these disciplines require the ability to recover from Large Surges. If you are not a can still have a load of fun with this workout

Not sure what to ride your Race Pace at, just shoot me an email

30 Min warm up


Main Set:

 6 Min at Race Pace......80% FTP or Low Z4

1 Min at 98 -104% FTP or +/- 1 BPM LTHR

6 Min at Race Pace

1 Min at 98 -104% FTP or +/- 1 BPM LTHR

6 Min Race Pace


10 Min Recovery


8 Min at Race Pace

2 Min at 98 -104% FTP or +/- 1 BPM LTHR

8 Min at Race Pace


20-30 Min Cool Down at RPM > 94

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