Cycling Interval Tuesday; Crit Hills

Racing crits demands a lot from you. One of which being the ability to surge up a Hill while staying in a Big Gear.  Successfully attacking, cresting and continuing to hammer. Today's workout addresses just that.  We are going to focus on Force building intervals.

If you are not a Crit racer....these will still benefit you! Anyone who rides Hills will appreciate the fitness you will reap from this workout.

NOTE: You will need a hill that takes approx. 3-5 min to climb

30 Min Warm Up
Main Set X 4:
Start the Hill climb seated using you Hardest Gear selection (53/11) for approx :20-:30

*Stand and HAMMER for :10
*Grab a seat and grind for :50
*Repeat until you summit
*Recover a FULL 5-10 Minutes
30 Min Cool Down


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