The Kettlebell Deadlift; 3 variations

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Today we address 3 different variations of a kettlebell Dead-lift. A solid and safe way to work your way into dead lifting.  Strengthening the posterior chain, in particular the Glutes & Hamstrings. The KB dead lift is also a great alternative to use while you are "in season" and want to maintain strength but not thrash the legs. preventing you from having great workouts the rest of the week.

Remember you do not need to always go HEAVY, moderate weight with solid form goes a long way.  Also, as you will see, varying the weight load location can play a unique role in the fitness gains you make.

How to do a Kettlebell Deadlift The kettlebell deadlift. A great way to get the benefits of posterior chain work with out needing a large weight load. The design of the kettlebell also allows for a more center oriented weight location. Reducing the risk of lower back injury.

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