Cycling Interval Tuesday; Force builders

Break out the Big Ring, we are focusing on increasing our ability to produce FORCE.  More simply put, we are going to build Leg Strength. Its fairly logical that we as cyclist would want stronger legs. But WHY?  Force is half of the Power equation.  The more Force we can produce the more Power we can produce and we can be versatile on how we produce the Force.

Power = Force x Cadence

Bonus: You will never have to worry about walking your bike up a hill!


20-30 Min Warm Up
Main set x 5

5 Min at 100-110% FTP or Threshold HR
5 Min recovery
30 Min Easy Cool Down

5 Minute Interval gearing = 53 x 14 gear selection

53 = Largest ring up front
14 = 3rd smallest ring in back

Last 10 seconds of the interval finish it with a seated all out sprint

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Cheers and Have great weekend, WES