Interval Tuesday, Cycling Workout

The shift has been made, it is now time to focus on Building up that Functional Threshold Power.  This workout addresses just that...More Watts!

WU 25 Min
10 Min at 91-95%% FTP(Sub Threshold)/ 5 Min REC…..X2
10 Min REC
10 Min at Threshold
10 Min REC
8 Min at 91-95%% FTP(Sub Threshold)
5 Min REC
:30 ALL OUT/ 1:30 REC..............X10
7 Min REC

Cadence should be above 85 for all the intervals. Heart Rate riders, remember it will take a few minutes for the HR to reach the zone you are looking for.  Try not to over ride the first few minutes to get the HR up.  Use a nice steady effort to get it to climb up into Zone 5.  Power based athletes, you too can ease into the Percentages over the course of the first minute or two.

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