Resistance Band Mountain Climber

This exercise is one of my favorites. It's the ultimate Multisport Endurance Athlete exercise. You can execute the Resistance Band Mountain Climber anywhere and it targets a lot of sport specific areas.

*Triceps: Swim & Bike
*Deltoids: Swim
*Transverse abdominis, CORE: Swim Bike Run
*Back: Swim Bike Run
*Hips: Swim Bike Run
*Quads: Bike Run

Just to name a few;)

I've added a resistance band to add a degree of difficulty and to really fire up those abductors and glutes. These usually come in a pack of 4, offering various levels of resistance

On this variation I'm working a mix of knees inside and knees outside the elbow. I'm also moving very slow and deliberate. Focusing on holding a solid Plank and making sure that all the muscles are engaging. Contract those Glutes and keep the Shoulders down & Back!
We already get plenty of cardio. No sense in blazing through these fast;)!
3 sets 20 reps (5,5,5,5)
3-4 times a week
This workout screams competition! SHARE with a friend and let the 'who can do 100 per day' for the longest time...Begin;)!

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Enjoy the video! & Please SHARE!

Cheers, Wes

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