Early Season Cycling Tips

Riding Season Check List:

May is the dawn of a fresh & new outdoor riding season.  Below are a few friendly reminders of things to check off the “am I ready” list.


Cleat condition:

It is best to get a new pair at the beginning of the season.  They are affordable, ensure you are clipped in securely, that you can exit the pedal quickly and don’t aggravate knees or hips due to uneven wear. Causing an overuse injury due to improper biomechanics


Changing a Flat

In the garage do a full flat tire change just to knock the cob webs off, and rebuild that muscle memory.  This will prevent that 5-minute flat tire repair on a ride from tuning into a 20-minute job. Simply don’t know how to change a flat, most local bike stores have free classes. It's very important to have a good working knowledge of how to change a flat tire.


Co2 Dispenser

You should use your CO2 dispenser when you are changing the flat tire in the garage.  This ensures you remember not only how to use it but its particular nuances.  Some of these shoot the Co2 out quickly and abruptly.  Others allow you to feather it out via a trigger.


Lights and Batteries

Replace batteries, and make sure lights are in good working order. I recommend 2 lights on the back and splurge to get the really bright ones.


My 2 Cents, run lights even during daylight hours.


Recovery Nutrition

Keep an Ensure Plus or a few in your car. It is a quick, cheap form of a recovery drink in case you forgot to pack your cooler with a banana and protein shake. It hosts 350 calories, 50g Carbs, 13g Protein, electrolytes, vitamins & minerals


Spare Kit in the Car

You never know when you rush out that door if you left your kit sitting on the kitchen counter. Own a spare set of shoes and helmet, throw that in the trunk too.




Sugar, caffeine, sodium and water…. rocket Fuel! You are back in the game in just a few minutes.

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