Rock & Roots 20k Team Training week #2

Hope week 1 of training went fantastic.  Thanks to all who showed up for our first "TEAM" workout at Chestnut ridge.  This weeks workout will be at Highbanks Metro Park this Sunday at Noon.  We will meet at the front of the Visitors center. First parking lot on your right hand side as you pull in. We will be running 5 and/or 7.5 Miles....your choice!

All Paces are Welcome!!!!!


This weeks speed work is another Fartlek run.

12 minute warm up
1 Min 5K pace
1 Min recovery
2 Min at 10K Pace
2 Min Recovery
3 Min at 13.1 Pace
3 Min Recovery
2 Min at 10K Pace
2 Min Recovery
1 Min at 5K pace
10 Min Cool Dow


You Are Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link.....

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One on One and Small Group training Available.