Rock & Roots 20K Fartlek

Alright, alright, alright........It's our first week of training for the RnR 20k as Team NLHH Podcast!  Every week I will post 1 workout for you to incorporate into your weekly training.  Our Team long trail run will be either on Saturday or Sunday and will be posted here on the weekly workout blog page.

This week we will be at Chestnut Ridge in Canal Winchester on Sunday at 12 noon.  It has a hilly 1.8 mile loop which we plan on doing 3 loops(you can run as little or as much as you like!) We will meet in the first parking lot on the right.

This weeks workout is a basic Fartlek. Total of 50 Minutes. You will need music.

Warm Up 10 Minutes, building to Zone 2 (working comfortably hard)

35 Minutes, at the start of every song bring pace from Z2 up to Upper Zone 3 (working Hard) and hold for :60 then drop back down to Z2 for remaining time of the song.

5 Minutes Cool Down, very easy running

Cheers, Wes


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