Treadmill Tuesday Fartlek Workout #3

Eat your Wheaties, today's Descending Fartlek brings the heat. I feel the Need for Speed!

Warm Up will be our standard 1 Mile working our way up to a solid Zone 2 Pace/Effort

** Literally a picture of Me after doing this workout.....You are going to Love it!!

Main Set:

6 Minutes at Tempo with 3 Minutes Recovery

5 Minutes 13.1 Pace with 2:30 Recovery

4 Minutes 10K Pace with 2:00 Recovery

3 Minutes 10K Pace with 1:30 Recovery

2 Minutes 5K Pace with 1:00 Recovery

1 Minute Faster than 5K Pace 


5-8 Minutes easy Zone 2 for Cool Down

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Cheers and Have great weekend, WES