Indoor Trainer VO2Max Workout

February is here which means as cyclists and triathletes we need to focus on Speed, Force and Aerobic Capacity on the bike.



In two previous blogs I gave you a Speed and a Force workout.  No need to guess what is next….a VO2Max workout for you to build your aerobic capacity with.


I won’t go into details about all the benefits of VO2max training and all the science behind it.  Let’s just get to the good stuff…the workout itself!
NOTE: VO2 max intervals are done at
Power = Z5 105-120% of your FTP
HR = Zone 5b
Perceived Exertion = an effort you could only maintain for 5 minutes
***a cue I like to use is you can only say a word or two before gasping for oxygen.
RECOVERY = Z1!!!!!
***This should be done in the small chain ring up front
Summary: These intervals are extremely HARD and they need to be.  Do whatever you can to stay in this work zone.  The payoff will be huge this season for you.

Warm Up:
3 Min WU
Single leg drills: 30R/:30L/:60 Both……………X3
3 Min WU
Spin Ups: :30 SU/ :30 REC………..X3
WU 5 Min
Main Set: x 6
2 Min in VO2 Max Zone
2 Min Recovery
5-8 Min low Z2
Cheers and rubber side down, WES


***Any questions regarding VO2max training please feel free to contact me directly!

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