Treadmill Tuesday Fartlek Workout #1

Fartlek, Swedish for "Speed Play".  These workouts are known for their "varied" speed work.  Using different Paces and/or Interval length.  The perfect formula to fight boredom and are manageable enough to throw in at anytime of the year with just a simple tweak. HINT: Save this workout and use it through out the works outside as well.

This will require a Music. I recommend setting the Treadmill to .5% or 1% Incline.

10K pace is a suggestion, feel free to fool around with different Fast paces for this workout.  Have fun with it and keep the structure loose.

1 Mile Warm Up working your way up to a Solid Zone 2 Pace(Z2)/Effort
Main Set 25 Minutes:

The beginning of Every Song bring up your pace to 10K and hold for 1 minute then back down to that Solid Z2 pace
5-8 Minutes Z2 as a Cool Down

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Cheers and Have great weekend, WES