F$#@ You Friday Workout #13

Last #FYF of 2016. Id say lets go out with a bang, but #FYF is always a bang so there is really no where else to go.  I could smoke you for the sake of smoking you, but that is not the reason for these workouts.  These are built for fitness gains and are designed with purpose, lets not forget this. They may be hard as hell, but "purpose" is always their back bone.

Let's earn those adult beverages and get working. Side note, I would love to know what your celebratory drink of choice is, comment below and have a Happy, Fun and Safe New Years Eve!


Sand Bags again!

Warm Up, Light Cardio and Dynamic stretching


30 Minutes:

Treadmill walk on a High Incline (you pick) with a sandbag on your back shoulders x 4 Minutes. 

10 Push Ups

5 Pull Ups

Sand Bag Cleans x 10


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Cheers and Have great weekend, WES