F$#@ You Friday, Workout #5

It's the first Friday of November, so lets bring the heat with some Treadmill work and Landmine (LM) movements.  FYF is getting rowdy today!

*if you do not have access to a Landmine, you can simply place a towel in the corner of two walls and place one end of a barbell in the corner. No treadmill. No worries, just run outside...No excuses.

8-12 Minutes Warm Up run


Main Set x 5:

1/2 Kneeling LM Single Arm Press x 5 each side

LM Lumbar Jack Squats x 10

LM Rainbows x 10 each side

3 Min Run at 10K Pace/Effort


5 -8 Min Cool Down Run




Cheers, WES