Treadmill Tuesday Workout

The winter has been mild, but the need for the Treadmill still appears!

This little jammer is a nice ladder working you down from just over Threshold to Recovery. It may take you 30 seconds to work up to a Heart Rate that puts you in Zone 5a or drop down during the ladder....That is completely fine.  Dial it in by effort or pace. You can use a 10K pace as your 5a Zone and build off of that.

If you are a beginner runner or are coming off a sabbatical from running I suggest only executing 2 sets. Then progressing to 3 and 4 sets in the next few weeks


8-10 Min Warm Up building to HR Zone 3 or Tempo
Main Set x 4:
1 Min Z5a
2 Min Z4...a few bpm below threshold
3 Min Z3...tempo
2 Min low Z2/Z1.....a Recovery Jog
***You can walk at beginning of this to bring your HR down, then resume jogging
5-8 Min CD...Z1 or Walk


Cheers, WES


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Cheers and Have great weekend, WES