Indoor Trainer FORCE Workout

It’s mid-January and I am certain you have already begun the training process for the upcoming triathlon or cycling season.  Indoor trainer rides are a big part of building that base fitness during these cold winter months.  A necessary evil, I’m sure you would agree!

No matter what time of year it is, I always preach to my athletes No Junk Miles!  I believe and 100% promote training with a purpose.  Maximum quality workouts in the least amount of time.  An indoor trainer can produce exactly that.  A serious, quality driven training session that gets to the point and delivers the goods in a short & precise time frame.

The trainer ride workouts I program are short and sweet.  Not only to adhere to the No Junk Miles mantra, but also to avoid boredom and the unavoidable saddle discomfort from being stationary for too long.

The previous blog I gave you a SPEED oriented workout and promised a FORCE oriented workout in this one.  I stand by my word and will get to it in just a few seconds. 

The following cycling workout will primarily target FORCE or STRENGTH on the bike.  It will also dabble in SPEED and as always it will fine tune your pedal stroke form.  Look at this workout as a foundation for improving power on the bike and driving home the muscle memory of effective, efficient pedal stroke form.

Caution: if at any point you feel aches in the front of your knees use an easier gear!!

Enough banter, let’s get to the workout!

Ride Time = 60 Minutes:

10 Min warm up at a comfortable effort

Single Drills:
:15 Right leg/ :15 Left leg followed by :30 Recovery.....X3 sets

5 Min Z2 (comfortable effort)

Spin Ups:
:15 Spin Up to RPM greater than 100/ :45 Recover ......X 3 sets

[Focus on not bouncing in the saddle, stable hips, when executing the spin up]
Main Set = 4 sets (32 minutes total)
1 Min with cadence above 95 RPM

(Using the small chain ring up front and a big cog in the rear)


3 Min with cadence below 65 RPM

(Using the big chain ring up front and the smallest cog in the rear)


3 Min at your “go to” cadence

(Using the big chain ring up front and a large or medium cog in the rear)


1Min Recovery, very easy effort

(Use the small chain ring up front)


Repeat until you complete 4 sets
Single Drills:
:15 Right leg/ :15 Left leg followed by :30 Recovery.....X3 sets

Cool Down = 3 Minutes at an easy effort


Post Ride Stretch and Strength:

10 alternating Reverse Lunges with Over Head Stretch
Plank: 45
Body Weight Squats x 10


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