Indoor Trainer SPEED Workout

Its January, indoor trainer rides are here. Which is the perfect opportunity to work on Cycling Speed and Pedal Stroke Form!

January is here.  This usually means the indoor trainer gets dusted off and the thought of starting to get back into saddle emerges.  Indoor cycling is not something we WANT to do, but know it needs to be done.  Results do not happen by accident! January brings the knocking off of the the cob webs from the legs and battling back against the holiday parties that were filled with cocktails and sweets.

I usually have my athletes start with moderate effort and moderate overall time on the trainer.  Dipping their toes into the winter world of indoor cycling and training that lies ahead during these cold upcoming months.

Now is the perfect time to work on speed and form.  Developing an efficient and effective pedal stroke. Nothing too strenuous, effort wise, simply focusing on the little things that will give us the foundation for the bigger workloads ahead.  Dialing in the connection between the legs and brain, so they are on the same page come spring, and your perfect pedal stroke is a fine tune muscle memory.

The nice thing about these workouts is that the interval sets are short and sweet.  Keeping the mind occupied which eliminates the boredom of indoor cycling. Well, at least knocking it down a notch or two!

Without further ado let’s get to the SPEED workout. (approx. time = 64 minutes)

5 Min Warm Up: Comfortable pedaling
Single Leg Drills: 3 Sets
: 30 seconds on the right
: 30 seconds on the left
: 60 seconds both legs…focus on smooth Horizontal Oval pedal strokes

5 Min Z2 or Comfortable effort
Spin Ups: 3 Sets
:30 seconds spin up to 110 RPM…try to keep your hips from bouncing by engaging your core

: 60 seconds Recovery

3 Min Recovery or Easy Effort

5 Min Z2 or comfortable effort
Main SPEED SET:  10 Sets

1 Min pedaling with RPMs over 100

2 Min Recovery or Easy effort with cadence at your normal number

Try to maintain stable hips during interval, focusing on pedaling in a "horizontal oval" and not "mashing down"

Cool Down:

5 Min at a comfortably easy effort
Post Ride Stretch and Core:

5 on each side: Reverse half lunge with and overhead stretch, focusing on the hip flexors
Plank: 60 seconds
10 Push Ups



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